Our Beginnings


Many people have asked us, "Dariusunrise" what is that? Where did "Dariusunrise" come from, what does it mean? Well, here goes.....

We started as pet owners, in the Spring of 1986 we welcomed a new addition to our family, "Brandy" a red buff (ASCOB) male American Cocker Spaniel. His registered name was; - "Citations Darius Sunrise", hmmm sounds familiar??? His Sire: CH. Adamsown Darius Quinn  and his Dam: Sunlights Little Red Corvet. Little did we know that this was just the beginning. His pedigree included such kennels as; Brierhill, Artru, Denzil, Hob Nob Hill as well as others with long lines of Champions. "Brandy" was an amazing little dog and brought much joy to our lives.  As you may have noticed, "Dariusunrise Cockers" came from Brandy's registered name "Citations Darius Sunrise". "Darius" means bold or daring and of course sunrise, we have seen plenty of those, so in essence, "Dariusunrise" means a bold or daring sunrise. Having Brandy for several years gave interest to perhaps breeding him once just to see, you know that curiosity that hits you when you have something special, can we preserve this, can we produce more "Brandy's"...... "Click" Brandy's picture at the beginning of this section for details and pictures.

In 1994, enter "Patches" a "Black and White" (Parti-Coloured) female American Cocker Spaniel, whose registered name was; - "Speckled Diamond Leader".  Her Sire: Grabon's Leader of the Pack and her Dam: Rumor's-N-Nabobs' Diamond 'Lil. see more on Patches in her private section (click on Patches' picture) which includes pictures....

We had hoped to breed Brandy and Patches, and of course Patches had to be at least 2 years old before breeding and by now Brandy is already 8 years old. Well...Brandy got ill, very ill developing a condition called "Cushing's disease" and with medication Brandy lived another 2 1/2 years. At 10 1/2 years of age "Brandy" passed away and we were never able to do the breeding....leaving us and "Patches" devastated. We could not believe the depression that Patches went into, we had to do something or we would have poor Patches dieing of loneliness.

In the Winter of 1996, enter..."Rusty", a red buff (ASCOB) male American Cocker Spaniel, whose registered name was; - "Kisspaw's Red Mahogany". His Sire: Puppylove Ruff and Tuff and his Dam: CH. Kisspaw's Hugs and Kisses. We selected, or I should say, "Patches" selected "Rusty" from Brenda Drolet of Kisspaws Kennel; we went out to Lamont Alberta, Patches in tow and we met with Rusty's, parents, brother (Black) and sister (also Black). Sharon was originally looking at "Rusty's" brother, but "Patches" would have none of that, she kept chasing him away and herding "Rusty" over to us.  She liked Rusty, he looked a bit like "Brandy" and she seemed to have some power over him. So we succumbed and Patches had her way and we made our agreement with Brenda to allow a breeding with Patches by Rusty and only Patches and left with our newest family member. "Click" Rusty's picture at the beginning of this section for details and pictures.

Patches and Rusty were bred in April of 1997 and our first litter was born on June 6, 1997 consisting of 6 puppies, refer to Patches section for pictures and details of this litter.

Snicker, a red & white (Parti-Colored) male American Cocker Spaniel, whose registered name was; - "Dariusunrise Snicker'n Bandit", was amongst that first litter. Snicker went on to become our first show champion with both confirmation and obedience titles. Here begins Dariusunrise Cockers. To see more on Snicker click on his picture.



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